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garbage disposal repair mainevilleIs your garbage disposal in need of repair?Garbage disposals are one of the most used appliances in homes. Just like any other machine, they are prone to break downs or mechanical problems. In addition, many people misuse the appliance and dispose of large quantities of food leftovers. If your garbage disposal suddenly stops working, starts making loud noise, gurgling or refuses to gobble up food, it may be time to call professionals to look into the problem.

If your disposer suddenly stops working, turn the power off. Do not at any circumstance put your hands or any object down the drain. Check to make sure that the disposer is correctly plugged at the outlet. With the power off, press the reset button and then restart it by switching the power button on. If this does not work contact a reputable plumbing service to fix the problem. Listed below are the top 3 issues that normally affect garbage disposals

  • Clogs- Clogs can occur due to grease, large food particles, dirt, etc. If your garbage disposal is clogged please contact a plumber immediately. Never put your hand or object in the disposal. A reputable and experienced plumber will check out the cause of the clog and fix it accordingly.
  • Dispenser overload- When a garbage disposal is overloaded, there is a feature that makes it shut down automatically. This is so to prevent the dispenser from becoming too hot. To fix your garbage disposal overload, try pressing the reset button. If resetting the dispenser does not work, contact a plumber immediately to have a look at the issue and fix it
  • Stuck items- This can range from large pieces of food, silverware, etc. If the object is sufficiently stuck, do not try to remove it. Unplug the disposal and contact a plumber to remove the stuck object

Services we offer

  1. Garbage disposal installation- When you need to install a new garbage disposal, we are the people to call. Our technicians have the skills and experience to install different types, sizes and models of garbage disposals. We offer same day service; you can call us anytime and make an appointment. Our technicians will arrive at your home within the shortest time possible.
  2. Garbage disposal repair- Whether your garbage disposal is clogged, overloaded or has suddenly stopped working; our technicians are on standby to respond to your calls. We have the tools, experience and skills to diagnose and fix the cause of your garbage disposal problem. Instead of making wild guesses, contacting experienced and skilled professionals can help fix the problem fast and accurately
  3. Maintenance services- Though not a must, having your garbage disposal checked once in a while is important. Maintenance services are meant to check and repair any potential problems before they occur. This way you area able to keep your disposal working properly and fix any problems before they become too serous

Looking for reputable, experienced, cost effective, and reliable garbage disposal service? Call us anytime, our technicians will be with you within the shortest time possible to provide garbage disposal repair, installation or maintenance service.

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