Toilet Repair Maineville

Toilet Repair Maineville

People who have had the need for toilet repair know how inconvenient and expensive it is. This is a problem most homeowners aren’t prepared to face. However you can avoid all the unnecessary expenses and inconvenience of repairing your toilet by following these few tips:

1. Watch your septic tank- If your toilet has a septic tank and is not connected to a municipal sewer tank, it’s possible to avoid expensive toilet repair by taking good care of your septic tank. This tip proves helpful especially if you have lots of people living in your home where the toilet is used regularly. You have to watch your septic tank as improper maintenance can lead to an expensive septic system problem. So have your septic tank regularly inspected by a professional to ensure it is always working at optimal efficiency.

2. Keep a tab on what you flush: Though this is something obvious, it’s quite surprising what some people think you can flush down a toilet! So if you think something goes down okay at first, it does not mean you can always safely flush it down your toilet. There is always a chance of it causing problems in the future. Always remember that if in doubt, throw your waste out in the garbage, and not in the toilet.

3. Keep the toilet clean: Always keep the toilet tank clean. Any slime or fungal buildup in the toilet tank can be removed by adding half to 3/4th cup of ordinary bleach into the tank every 6 weeks. Just pour the bleach into the tank after flushing. The bleach and incoming water is easily mixed by the swirling action of the tank while refilling.

4. Don’t save water from flushes: Though you may think you are doing your bit for the environment by saving water from each flush, you only end up damaging the toilet. This is because all toilets manufactured after 1994 need 1.6 gallons of water per flush, and the modern toilet needs all this water for a proper flush. Trying to reduce the tank capacity by adding a brick or other foreign objects to the tank only leads to unexpected problems. Moreover, with insufficient water in a flush, there are increased chances of a toilet clogging along the lateral drain line.Moreover, adding a brick to the tank adds some sediment to the flapper and trap. If you feel you should reduce the tank capacity, it’s better to fill a small plastic bottle with water and keep on replacing it once the plastic gets brittle.

5. Midnight water leaks: In case you have a water leak in the middle of the night, don’t panic. Just close the shutoff valve to avoid any more water leaks. It’s better to have all necessary repairs done during daylight hours, when the hardware or plumbing supply store is open with available parts.

With the help of these 5 tips, you will be able to keep your toilet well maintained wherein you need not worry about unexpected toilet repairs occurring when you least expect it. Consequently, there’s no worry about unnecessary expenses repairing your toilet!

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